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Oh Hey, Here I Am
May 14th, 2011
12:50 pm


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P&A Issue 31 Log
projectylnpl 6:55 am
Five minutes to go.

projectylnpl 7:01 am
Going to try to print as little as possible this time around, to save paper and keep from waking Julia up.

projectylnpl 7:02 am
All right! Go time.

projectylnpl 7:03 am
Huh. Interesting warning there...

projectylnpl 7:05 am
Okay, it looks like there's five pages worth that'd be a pain to do without printing. Going to avoid those for now.

projectylnpl 7:06 am
Starting with Countdown.

projectylnpl 7:07 am
O(xygen) is missing...

projectylnpl 7:07 am
(These are Top Ten lists of sorts.)

projectylnpl 7:08 am
I think that's par in the middle, and of course the one after that is number initials. *OPF* makes me think I've found the break between the two words.

projectylnpl 7:09 am
Tarot cards... probably E. The Emperor and Empress are next to each other, I'm pretty sure.

projectylnpl 7:11 am

projectylnpl 7:11 am
I'm wrong about the word break, I think. Something like DUMKOPF(sp?), maybe?

projectylnpl 7:12 am
Ohh, electromagnetic spectrum. Would've spotted that quicker if ?OYGBIV weren't backwards.

projectylnpl 7:14 am
What's that fourth one? Starts out recognizable, but the Cs make it weird.

projectylnpl 7:14 am
...Okay, okay, fine, I'll look up the baseball numbers.

projectylnpl 7:15 am
Oh, wait, no, duh. Gotta be RF.

projectylnpl 7:15 am
Oh! First one's the zodiac.

projectylnpl 7:16 am

projectylnpl 7:16 am

projectylnpl 7:17 am
Maybe OneLook can get me what CJOTSC stands for.

projectylnpl 7:18 am
Oh! No, just Googling works.

projectylnpl 7:18 am
But what series is that in?

projectylnpl 7:19 am
Ohh, okay. That last line's got to be some sort of ordering mechanism.

projectylnpl 7:20 am
Oh, and that gives me one I didn't have! Score.

projectylnpl 7:20 am
Not going to get that one off the top of my head, though, and I surely have enough to get it without.

projectylnpl 7:22 am

projectylnpl 7:22 am
Maybe not.

projectylnpl 7:23 am
Took embarrassingly long to think of a language that starts with an H.

projectylnpl 7:25 am

projectylnpl 7:25 am

projectylnpl 7:25 am
Oh, I'm missing one.

projectylnpl 7:26 am
But FOUR TRIPPER isn't accepted either. Huh?

projectylnpl 7:28 am
Nor FOUR TRIPPED, if we want Designated Hitter instead of Right Field.

projectylnpl 7:30 am
Moving to the other one on the page. Looks like nursery rhymes; I recognize OLD MOTHER HUBBARD...

projectylnpl 7:34 am

projectylnpl 7:35 am
Last Word?

projectylnpl 7:36 am

projectylnpl 7:37 am
Five breads, nothing funny going on. What are the numbers for, then?

projectylnpl 7:44 am
Oh, are these categories with a Z thing in them?

projectylnpl 7:44 am

projectylnpl 7:45 am
ZABAGLIONE, and I'm getting KILL. Excellent.

projectylnpl 7:46 am
Well, this is going to go a LOT quicker now. :-)

projectylnpl 7:46 am

projectylnpl 7:47 am

projectylnpl 7:48 am
Meta thought... are these link-these-words puzzles? Am I looking for KILL(word) / (word)CLOTHES, etc.?

projectylnpl 7:49 am
No Spin Zone.

projectylnpl 7:50 am
Hedwig and the Angry Chin!

projectylnpl 7:51 am
Inspector Tagged. I like this puzzle a lot.

projectylnpl 7:53 am
Tender is the Thing.

projectylnpl 7:54 am
I am just going to go on the record and say that "What are you trying to hide, terror babies?" is Today's Best Sentence.

projectylnpl 7:57 am
OneLooked "The House of the Seven Gables/Bagels" from the word lengths.

projectylnpl 7:58 am
The Seven Year Chit.

projectylnpl 7:59 am
OneLooked My Dinner with Andre/Nader as well; assumed "Radical Ralph" was a bizarre nickname for Moore.

projectylnpl 8:02 am
Ascend with Wolves...

projectylnpl 8:02 am

projectylnpl 8:02 am

projectylnpl 8:04 am
Resident Evil/Veil I got from a list of 2002 horror films. Was stuck on "American" something.

projectylnpl 8:05 am
Never Say Nerve Again...

projectylnpl 8:06 am
W00t, just got an e-mail from Foggy. FOUR TRIPPER is correct, and I was first solver!

projectylnpl 8:08 am
Bathroom break, then State of the Union.

projectylnpl 8:13 am
Meta thought - maybe these are that kind of puzzle, but with the Left and the Right mismatched. That'd explain "circuit" in the issue title...

projectylnpl 8:14 am
What's destroying America might be call letters. KONA, WIFI...

projectylnpl 8:14 am
Maybe KUDU?

projectylnpl 8:20 am
All but three station numbers are given.

projectylnpl 8:23 am
Which severely narrows down the possibilities for the caller in clue 19...

projectylnpl 8:26 am
...unless I've made a mistake, there aren't any possibilities that use multiples of ten.

projectylnpl 8:31 am
Oh, duh. "110 greater than" doesn't necessarily mean they're in two consecutive hundreds.

projectylnpl 8:32 am
So the 700s station is 750. [Because at this point I've convinced myself that Georgia is 1500, and the one before it is 1390. D'oh.]

projectylnpl 8:35 am
Oh! If the second-to-last call came in before 8, the 9:22 call was the last.

projectylnpl 8:38 am
That's 98 minutes. I should have enough to work out the lengths of the two calls that were 19 apart, now...

projectylnpl 8:39 am
No, Mike. No, that is not 98 minutes. That is an hour wrong.

projectylnpl 8:40 am
So I have 207 minutes accounted for, leaving 33 for those two calls, so...

projectylnpl 8:40 am
7 and 26.

projectylnpl 8:41 am
No way the second-to-last call was anything but the 91, then.

projectylnpl 8:43 am
So to account for the first 22 minutes before RI guy, I need to use the 7 and a 15...

projectylnpl 8:43 am
But not in that order.

projectylnpl 8:46 am
There was a caller at seven after the hour. That can only be 7:07.

projectylnpl 8:49 am
Okay, those are beautiful numbers. That lets me work out the entire schedule, I think, given that the 1s can't be consecutive and they need to squeeze into a span of five calls.

projectylnpl 8:52 am
No, the last 15 and the 26 are switchable yet.

projectylnpl 8:57 am
Ah, got it. The 15 is 1610, so not 9th.

projectylnpl 9:00 am
None of the station numbers in clue 20 can be involved in doubling or halving, which narrows them down...

projectylnpl 9:00 am
Pins them down, in fact. They're 2nd-4th.

projectylnpl 9:02 am
Oh, duh, clue 9's easy to place.

projectylnpl 9:06 am
Going through and replacing all the complaints with call letters to cut down a bit on scrolling. Don't know the McDonalds one, though.

projectylnpl 9:07 am
Or the spoiled milk one.

projectylnpl 9:08 am
I wonder if I'm meant to use the K-W distinction to narrow down states, or if that's just a confirmation afterwards? Going to proceed as if it's the latter.

projectylnpl 9:11 am
Combining clues 16 and 19 gives me a nice three-caller chunk that shouldn't have many possibilities... [In fact these weren't meant to be combined at all; Georgia didn't actually go after 1390. But it worked so well!]

projectylnpl 9:11 am
Looks like right now it has two.

projectylnpl 9:13 am
Either one rules out 930 being 9th, though, so it's 11th.

projectylnpl 9:14 am
And that places the other two one-minute calls.

projectylnpl 9:16 am
The SC WINO call has a unique placement, and that makes the TN call unique too...

projectylnpl 9:19 am
Okay! All 15-minute calls from clue 2 placed, along with Oregon/KONA.

projectylnpl 9:21 am
Oh! OneLook gives me WHEY. Should've gotten that.

projectylnpl 9:23 am
I'm at a point now where the deductions are coming fast enough that logging them wouldn't be very productive.

projectylnpl 9:24 am
McDonalds is KROC, maybe?

projectylnpl 9:25 am
And lotteries is KENO. I think that's plausible guesses for everything.

projectylnpl 9:30 am
Oh, damn. I have 1390 twice.

projectylnpl 9:34 am
Bah. That breaks things badly. Will step away for a while.

projectylnpl 9:34 am
The Situation Room?

projectylnpl 9:35 am
These are song lyrics. I recognize Bubbly and Eye of the Tiger...

projectylnpl 9:37 am
Eye of the Tiger gives JOEY MCINTYRE, who I think was in NKOTB.

projectylnpl 9:38 am
Bubbly gives MONICA SELES. I... don't think she's a musician.

projectylnpl 9:42 am
On a hunch, Googled. These are Dancing with the Stars contestants, I think.

projectylnpl 9:56 am
All the contestants and most of the songs ID'd. Are these songs that were used on the show?

projectylnpl 10:00 am
One celebrity per season shows up. Hm.

projectylnpl 10:10 am
Okay, Wikipedia has the songs. So far it looks like the appropriate celebrity danced to the appropriate song. I'm taking the dance styles...

projectylnpl 10:12 am
Looks alphabetical by dance so far, if for some stupid reason Cell Block Tango wasn't a tango. (Will get to that one.)

projectylnpl 10:15 am
Yep, freestyle. Now to pull out an answer...

projectylnpl 10:17 am

projectylnpl 10:17 am
It dings!

projectylnpl 10:18 am
Going to print the ones that need printing.

projectylnpl 10:23 am
Back. AC 360?

projectylnpl 10:33 am
Clues are helpfully alphabetized by answer.

projectylnpl 10:56 am
Getting H??? WIFE...

projectylnpl 11:05 am
You had to go for the ZXQ, didn't you. *has only just broken through the roadblocks caused by SEXTAN and SHEQEL*

projectylnpl 11:08 am
HALF WIFE. Maybe the meta involves wadioactivity.

projectylnpl 11:08 am
(Or not.)

projectylnpl 11:09 am
On the Record next.

projectylnpl 11:11 am
Looks like some clues have musicians in them instead of actual words?

projectylnpl 11:13 am
Cake should be Genesis...

projectylnpl 11:14 am
Blur should be... America, maybe?

projectylnpl 11:15 am
Rush for Godsmack?

projectylnpl 11:15 am
What's a band that might be in a yard?

projectylnpl 11:20 am
Hm. Are there two wrong bands per initial?

projectylnpl 11:22 am
Seems about right.

projectylnpl 11:23 am
Oh! Both the B bands equal AMERICA!

projectylnpl 11:24 am
And the other C is GENESIS too. I've got this now.

projectylnpl 11:26 am
EAGLES. This is pretty brilliant.

projectylnpl 11:33 am
Looking like MAGIC ORANGE?

projectylnpl 11:33 am
It's right! Gonna finish anyway, though.

projectylnpl 11:37 am
Bug to report - Pretty sure there's no jazz musician named Louis RESELLS.

projectylnpl 11:39 am
Wait, no, that is just me being dumb and repeatedly misreading the entry number. I blame the way the top of the R crossed the 0.

projectylnpl 11:41 am
Just spotted four IRON maiden for the meta...

projectylnpl 11:43 am
Hardball next.

projectylnpl 11:45 am
No matter how I bounce it, ABORIGINES is one short.

projectylnpl 11:54 am
It's ABORIGINALS, and for a while I fell into the trap of IRANIAN/RASH instead of IRANI/UNWARY.

projectylnpl 11:54 am
All evens done. Switching to odds.

projectylnpl 12:03 pm
JUNGLE GRINDER. Fun, though I had to resort to Google for about half of the clues.

projectylnpl 12:04 pm
jungle GYM clothes for the meta...

projectylnpl 12:05 pm
Ooh, Onion headlines for In the Know.

projectylnpl 12:18 pm
Oh! I thought the letterlessness of the grid was just because some got used more than once, but there's two entire words left blank, I think.

projectylnpl 12:23 pm
D'oh. Went with the obvious LEAPS instead of JUMPS, which gave me DESK DRAWER instead of JUNK DRAWER.

projectylnpl 12:27 pm

projectylnpl 12:29 pm
Oh, never entered JUNGLE GRINDER. It's right too.

projectylnpl 12:32 pm
*reads the instructions for Meet the Press* That's interesting. Going to cut it out and try now.

projectylnpl 12:41 pm
...Well, this is surprisingly easy. Got one full row already.

projectylnpl 12:43 pm
Two rows.

projectylnpl 12:45 pm
Unless I'm missing something, that's the grid.

projectylnpl 12:48 pm
INTERNAL BUOY. That was a lot simpler than I thought it would be.

projectylnpl 12:48 pm
internal ORGAN grinder...

projectylnpl 12:50 pm
Maybe half LIFE buoy?

projectylnpl 12:52 pm
I am ridiculously weak at flag ID, but here goes. Face the Nation.

projectylnpl 12:55 pm
Oh wait. Is this a cryptogram leading to the countries? Plugging in E for that Korean flag gives ??EE?E = GREECE...

projectylnpl 12:58 pm
Not seeing a CANADA anywhere, then.

projectylnpl 1:12 pm
Oh! I may yet be right. There's URUGUAY...

projectylnpl 1:20 pm
Heh, the reason I finally discarded this approach earlier was that there clearly wasn't going to be a country with the pattern of that second word ending in G...

projectylnpl 1:22 pm
EARTH CODE confirmed. Phew.

projectylnpl 1:24 pm
artificial INTELLIGENCE test?

projectylnpl 1:24 pm
earth DAY tripper.

projectylnpl 1:25 pm
And ginger ALE wife gives DIALOG...

projectylnpl 1:26 pm
disaster AREA code...

projectylnpl 1:27 pm
magic DUST clouds, maybe?

projectylnpl 1:30 pm
A DIALOG ?ADI??, it looks like?

projectylnpl 1:31 pm
Going to try for one more answer. Let's redo that logic puzzle.

projectylnpl 1:38 pm
Schedule works out fine.

projectylnpl 1:38 pm
Schedule works out fine.

projectylnpl 1:48 pm
Got to be his error, or my misreading of the intro. The lowest has to be 520, not 510.

projectylnpl 1:51 pm
Looking up the actual AM radio stations in these states now..

projectylnpl 1:51 pm

projectylnpl 1:52 pm
Wikipedia doesn't seem to know about the South Carolina or Rhode Island ones.

projectylnpl 1:54 pm
Going the other direction - finding actual radio stations with these call signs, isn't working. Can't find a WINO or a KURD.

projectylnpl 1:55 pm
*refreshes Errata* Okay, my misreading.

projectylnpl 2:04 pm
HERE we go... sorting by station number and reading down the last letters is working.

projectylnpl 2:04 pm

projectylnpl 2:05 pm

projectylnpl 2:09 pm
baby TALK radio, country SIDE step.

projectylnpl 2:10 pm

projectylnpl 2:10 pm
IT'S A DIALOG??D, maybe?

projectylnpl 2:12 pm
IT'S A DIALOGJAM, with mushroom, not dust.

projectylnpl 2:16 pm
Submitted. Going to do GPS now.

projectylnpl 2:19 pm
That Q wants a U, but I don't see a way to give it one. [I somehow missed a 4S.]

projectylnpl 2:28 pm

projectylnpl 2:30 pm
That's apparently in Narnia. Okay.

projectylnpl 2:30 pm
Index using missing numbers?

projectylnpl 2:51 pm
Into author names. LITERARY RIDE, giving kill JOY rid and literary AGENT orange.

projectylnpl 2:54 pm
Oh for the love of... the puzzle answers started with A-M. I could have ordered them hours ago.

projectylnpl 3:04 pm
And the rest of the imaginary places found. Done with that one.

Not going to be at all competitive for Issue 32 - the Se@cave has a house guest this week, so I haven't yet peeked at it. Will still probably log, though.

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[User Picture]
Date:May 15th, 2011 01:21 pm (UTC)
It's my general rule of thumb that if I ever write a puzzle like AC 360 (I've done so about 3 times), that I have to use Scrabbly letters as much as possible.

And glad that was your favorite sentence. Between that puzzle and The Root of All Liberal Evil from a few years ago, I think I'm getting pretty good and feigned conservative outrage
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